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Cartoon Mouse Wall Clock


Currently available in 6 colors.

Instantly Cheer up Your Room

Displays accurate time, decorates your home and impresses your visitors at the same time. Instantly cheers up atmosphere in your room. This clock is a real attention grabber. You have been warned!

Easy to Mount

Includes a hanging hole at the back of the clock, so it’s easy to hang on a wall. Due to it’s light weight, it requires only minimal support, such as small nail or screw or even sticky hook.

Customer Reviews

Hannah Allen
Hannah Allen
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Very nice addition for my daughter's room. It's made from a very light material. Overall it was worth the money.
Donald Crespo
Donald Crespo
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Very cute and stylish clock for all Disney fans! It is cute without looking like an item exclusively for kids. Perfect for a Disney themed room. It's made of standard hard plastic material, not very strong but strong enough for hanging on the wall.
Diana Moore
Diana Moore
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It's made of quite thin plastic, but that doesn't bother me. Overall build quality is good. I love it! It looks cute and - most importantly - it keeps accurate time as opposed to some other decorative clocks that I own, which are quite inaccurate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clock’s body is made out of thin, unbendable, rigid plastic. Hands are made of metal.

Yes, it ticks, but you can barely hear it even if you put your ear near the clock.

Clock is powered by 1 AA battery. Battery is not included in the set.

The clock is not waterproof. Clock mechanism is not certified waterproof, so we recommend using it indoors. If you want to use it outdoors, make sure that the rainwater does not enter the battery compartment at the rear side of the clock.

Size reference.


Unique decorative wall clock inspired by classic cartoons. It’s clean, simple and bold design  makes it appropriate for kids and adults. Numbers are extended further out of the surface to provide beautiful 3D effect and can create really interesting shadows, depending on the lighting situation. This clock will instantly cheer up any room!